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Massaman Goat Curry Pie

Shooting goats was the way many of us first graduated from hunting small to larger game and this recipe in ...
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Venison Heart - Copy

Grilled Venison heart with Caper butter

Heart is a highly underrated piece of meat that I would guess most people leave behind. It is unlike any ...
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part 1 - Copy

How to: Venison Heart butchery

Heart is a highly underrated piece of meat that I would guess most people leave behind. It is unlike any ...
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Tahr Olives

Tahr Olives with Mushroom sauce

This dish is a take on Beef Olives, which many of us would have had as kids. Don’t ask me ...
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BBQ Ribs

BBQ Wild Pork Ribs

When summer is well under way this recipe is perfect to pull out for the BBQ. To get prepared ahead ...
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Grilled Hapuka with spiced kumara and chickpea salad, crayfish mayo

This is an excellent recipe for those hot summer afternoons where you need to make use of the days catch ...
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Step 2

How to: Breaking down a leg of Venison

So you’ve done the hard yards and carried your meat home, now it’s time to turn it into something you ...
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Scotch Egg

Wild Venison Scotch Eggs

This recipe is a take on an old classic. It’s just like how your Nan would make but much, much ...
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Paua Fritter Image

Paua Fritters with aioli

One of the best things about New Zealand, and something that we probably take for granted, is our free and ...
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Venison Kofta MacLean

Venison Koftas with Mint Yoghurt

When trimming up and portioning my venison I always end up with offcuts and trimmings that you can struggle finding ...
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Venison Wellington Final

Venison Wellington with mushrooms and kumara mash

This is a good recipe for entertaining and an impressive way to cook venison. The kumara adds a buttery richness ...
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Fried Rabbit 4meg

Southern Fried Rabbit with Smoky Chilli Mayo

This recipe and is a home version of fast food using wild game. It’s one of my favourite ways to ...
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Pork Burger Fullsize

Chipotle pulled pork burger with cucumber pickle

This recipe calls for pork shoulder which is a tougher secondary cut of meat and benefits from a slow, wet ...
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Step 1

How to: Plucking a Duck, wax method

“Here is a technique that gets a pretty good result, about as close as you can get to looking like ...
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Confit Duck with Brussel Sprouts Image

Duck confit on caramelised Brussel sprouts, bacon and grain mustard with bread sauce and fig chutney

This recipe utilises the whole duck and because of the slow method of cooking in fat you end up with ...
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Roast duck before

Whole roast duck with cranberry, bacon and walnut stuffing

Since it is now Duck shooting season, here is a wee bonus recipe utilizing the whole duck and which can ...
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venison pie

Wild venison, blue cheese and mushroom pie

I am a professional chef and amateur hunter. I have spent time hunting in most of the North Island ranges ...
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