Rarotonga, Cook Islands and Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Jeunes Chefs Competition

I was lucky enough to be invited to help judge the Chaine des Rotisseurs Jenues Chef competition held in Rarotonga ...
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hardcore huntress

Lion huntress Melissa Bachman and wild food

This is not a hunting blog, although recently reading the furor that has gone viral on the internet after pictures ...
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Colombo, Sri Lanka

One of the reasons I became a chef was for the prospect of being able to travel. I saw cooking ...
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Indian Cuisine in the Islands

We are probably all familiar with the most famous Indian dishes such as the North Indian butter chicken and South ...
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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Salamat Datang Ke Malaysia. Welcome to Malaysia… Kuala Lumpur, what a wonderful city. For me it is one of my ...
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Why do staff leave? (Or how to get the most out of your staff).

Why do people leave? Hospitality traditionally has a high level of staff turnover. Why is this? In part it is ...
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MindFood Bolton Hotel Artisan Judging 15

Top 5 tips for food photography with the iPhone

Ever made or seen a dish that looks amazing but none of the photos you took do it justice? Most ...
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Khon Kaen Markets, Thailand

Only ever having been to Bangkok before, Khon Kaen was somewhere I had never even heard of. I recently attended ...
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Maldives and the environment

Stunning white beaches, pristine sands, crystal clear water... this is the view that I am sure the Tourism board wants ...
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Maafushi Dining Guide

Having decided we needed a break from work and the little island we call home, we decided to take a ...
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Male fish markets and sustainable fishing in the Maldives

Not being an early riser we arrived at the markets most likely after all the good stuff had since been ...
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Working in “Paradise”…

Living and working on a tropical island The standard remark from people when I tell them where I work is ...
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Moet and Magret

General Manager vs Chef, Centara Ras Fushi It seemed like a great idea at the time, although 13 hours in ...
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Restaurant Jekyll and Hyde

The restaurant industry is a strange and fickle beast. A reputation can take years upon years of hard slog, blood, ...
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Why I love Thai food

As I sit at the over water bar on my day off, computer on my lap and cocktail in my ...
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How to make it as a chef…

Being a chef is one of those jobs that many people think would be cool but don't understand the reality ...
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How to not get a job…

I am currently on the hunt for a Sous chef. Again. The last one did not survive unfortunately, sometimes it ...
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The Nasty Bits

I was reading an interview with a chef recently who when asked for his favorite quote replied “you can’t polish ...
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